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Merger Services

The impacts of the current globalisation phase to both local and foreign capital companies took place in the way of searching for partners, mergers, technology and know-how transfers and take-overs.
Technology, Know-how and financial funds of Foreign capital companies are attractive for the Turkish capitalised companies. On the other side, a new market, cheap labour and experience gained in Turkish market are the most important factors for foreign capital companies to apply to us for our below mentioned services.
The services that we provide are :
• To make research on the local and foreign markets selected and to prepare brief sector reports to provide general information.
• To examine the market and to  determine the firms that operates in the same business sector, contact with that firms to receive information about the projects and Joint ventures etc.
• To arrange meetings with the firms interested in.
• To attend the meetings with our local and foreign customers for the  partnership negotiations, to obtain consultancy services on every issues  including the tax consulting and  Turkish Commercial Code implementations.
• To provide consultanct on the preparation of the letter of intent, shareholders agreement and similar agreements.