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Consultancy Services

• Provision of Financial Consultancy and Financial Advisory Services, 
• Designing and implementation of Cost Accounting systems,
• Legal registrations of the companies within the scope of tax legislation, 
• Financial reviewing of  the year-end balance sheets,
• Control and preparation of the annual declarations, 
• Consultancy Services concerning the Foreign Capital, Government Promotions, European Union, Foreign Exchange and  free trade zone practices,
• Reivewing the conformity of the accounting records with the legislations
• Preparation of the declarations, 
• Following-up the labor/Employer procedures, 
• Constant follow-up and correct evaluation of the legislation,
• Informing the company about the opportunities and threads related to profitability, 
• Provision of information and  guiding the companies to the best possible way by emphasizing the consequences of every decision and considering the tax related issues.