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Internal Control Services

Due to the economic conditions of the present-day, the risk management becomes more important. It is an important issue for Law maker, creditors, investors, sellers and customers,  that the companies they are connected are reliable and financially strong. The existance of a true internal control mechanism which is placed in the company, provides correctness in the internal processes, with the control and discipline obtained provides added value to the company and increases competitiveness and the prestige of the company in the market.
Internal Contorl Services are also important;
•  to keep the company risks under control, 
•  to provide effective and efficient operations,
•  to save company assets.
•  to ensure economically and effectively usage of the company sources, 
•  to determine  the  mistakes early, before they become greater.
•  to preserve the company from the harm of an innocent mistake or a planned corruption,
•  to make the financial reporting reliable,
•  to provide conformity to the current legislation
•  to develope the appropriate structure  to help company reach its targets,  
•  to prepare the efficient internal control prosedures
•  to investigate the current internal control systems and determine the inadequancies and revise such,
•  to Apply of the internal control prosedures ,
•  to  provision of the necessary  trainings about internal control