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Outsourcing and Other Services

Our aim is to set an accounting system which is capable of fulfilling both the legal requirements and reliable and persistent information system for executive management. By outsourcing the accounting department partly or entirely , the company is supported from outside. This is an alternative of establishing an accounting department, making expensive investments on computerising, personel and expensive accounting computer programs. At the same time, all your accounting and payroll needs will be secured by our Professional staff who always asist you with their technical knowledge, experiences and professional skills.

Additonally, regular fiscal controls are done and reports are prepared to inform executive management about bookkeeping errors which might end up with serious tax penalties. You are informed by regular circulars which sent to you by e-mail, about the latest amendments on accounting prosedures, tax and labour law.  
Our main aim is to support your company from outside by undertaking your accounting and finance operations partly or entirely, so that your company sources focuses on your core business. 
Within the scope of partial outsourcing, you can benefit from any of accounting, finance, reporting , paybill and personel services below, or you can acquire all these services as a package.