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Corporate Services

Our services in this field are as follows:
•   To give consultancy services about the legal status and the consequences  of the companies (limited, corporation, agency etc.) planned for the establisment. 
•   To prepare all sorts of contracts between the shareholders,
•   To follow-up the legal prosedures about preparing the documents regarding to the incorporation, the delivery of these documents to the relevant legal authorities correctly and as scheduled and the other legal transactions after this step.
•   To obtain residence and work permit for the foreigners who comes to work in Turkey.
•   To evaluate the conformity of processes such as (resolutions of) General Assembly,  Capital Increase, Tarnsfer, Merger, Split-off, Liquidation and change of kind of corporation to  Turkish Commercial Code besides tax legislation and to provide support and colsultancy services on these processes.
•   To follow up  the processes related to the all sorts of permissions such as investment incentive certificate and inward processing authorization certificate.
•   To give support services  in the implementation of  Turkish Commercial Code  and  for the preparation of commercial contracts in the light of mentioned Code.
•   To provide consultancy services on the various subjects  such as  rights and obligations of labour and employer, preparation and negotiation of the labour contracts according to the corporate and personel interests, termination of labour contract, occupational accidents and diseases, implementation of the laws about workplace safety and  health conditions. 
•   To give consultancy and support services  regarding to  Real Estate rental, buying and selling, mortgage and release (of the mortgage).